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Дата рождения16.04.2003


Название Art and its influence on men
УчреждениеГБОУ СОШ с углубленным изучением английского языка № 2033
Класс5 класс В
Науч. руководительОськина Диана Олеговна
  • Савельев Максим Константинович
Секция5 - 6 классы «Перекрестки поликультурного мира». Работы различной направленности на иностранных языках; принимаются работы на английском, немецком, французском, итальянском языках.
Краткое описание проектаTo show the importance of art and its influence on men on the basis of the theory and personal practical research.Interaction of men and art

Описание проекта

Проблема решаемая проектомAims of work on the project are: o To develop skills of independent research activity in the field of investigating of philosophical problems of Art and its influence on men and their application to the solution of an actual practical task , o To carry out the analysis of the theoretical approaches existing in domestic and foreign o To carry out an independent research to study its influence on young generations; o To demonstrate abilities to systematize and analyze the data obtained during research.
Основная идеяTThe poetic genius creates no new power, brings no new force into the world, but utilizes and directs what is already here. Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feelings the artist has experienced.
Масштаб организации работ• 1.Interaction of men and art  Ritualistic and symbolic spheres of interaction  Art is a form of communication  Art as entertainment  The Avante-Garde.  Art for political change.  Art for psychological and healing purposes  Art for social inquiry and anarchy  Art for social causes  Art for propaganda, or commercialism  Art as a fitness indicator • 2.Poetry is “the art of doing by means of words what the painter does by means of colours.”  Robert Burns  Robert Louis Stevenson 3.Taking in account the title of my presentation I decided to discover the influence and significance of Art on minds and souls of my classmates. For that I prepared several questions and asked my friends to answer them.
Полученные результаты It is very pity that approximately one third part of schoolmates are quiet indifferent to Art.
Кому нужны результаты проектаThe results is needed either for adults to adopt propper decisions about the modern educational trend at schools or for the children to increase their educational level by themselvs.
Перспектива дальнейшнего развития проектаSo there is a wide field of activities to make people believe the importance of Art in contemporary world. The Beauty will save the World. I hope and trust the day is coming when the spirit of poetry shall enter into every human relation. But the choice lies with us individually-shall we encourage or reject it?

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